we remember differently nominated for Alan Paton Award

we remember differently - mystry and ellapenI’ve always casually taken note of the nominations for the Alan Paton Award, but this is the first year where I’ve followed the proceedings closely. Last year (2012) I worked in the Unisa Press books department as an editorial assistant while the usual occupant of the desk and (very comfortable) chair was on maternity leave.

The 2013 Sunday Times Alan Paton Award Longlist  includes four titles published by Unisa Press:

The last title, in particular, caught my eye as I contributed towards its publication by editing its language. I therefore found its inclusion in the long list particularly gratifying as one of the criteria for the Alan Paton award is ‘elegance in writing’. But I also remember working on this book for other reasons – I was able to see the entire publishing process from the manuscript being approved to seeing a final product and I remember being touched by how appreciative of everyone’s efforts Jyoti Mistry and Jordache Ellapen were:

We would also like to express our appreciation to the Unia Press team, with special thanks to Sharon Boshoff, Lindsey Morton, Dina-Marie Steyn and Monica Martins-Schuld. (‘we remember differently’: Race, Memory, Imagination, Acknowledgements)

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