Hi, I’m Dina and thanks for visiting my site.

I work with words, specifically in English. People in my field know me as a language practitioner.

Language editing

Broadly speaking, when I edit a document I check if:

  • What you say makes sense,
  • What you say and what you mean are the same,
  • The style is right for the people you want to reach,
  • The information is grouped logically,
  • Things are written the same way throughout the document
  • Formatting is consistent, and
  • You use correct grammar and spelling.

This means you end up with a document that is right for your target audience (clients, business, academic or social group). My focus is making sure the person who reads the document can understand what you want to say.


  • Editing academic books and articles to journal style sheet specifications
  • Plain Language editing, specifically medical texts
  • Instructions
  • IT and Mathematics

Accreditation and qualifications

  • Accredited English editor, South African Translators’ Institute
  • Postgraduate Certificate in English Editing: Principles and Practice. Passed with distinction.
  • BA (Hons) English
  • Taught third-year univierstiy students instructions, and tone and language


A copywriter is a “person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material” (Oxford Living Dictionaries). In other words, I write documents companies, magazines  or organisations want to share with people such as articles for newsletters, emails, letters and advertisement text.

If we agree that the copyright of the writing belongs to you or your organisation, I will never share the articles on my personal page or social media or tell people I wrote the material. I only share articles I write for others with permission.

To see some of my work, read my blogs or the posts on this website. 


 I comfortably translate from Afrikaans to English. I can do a word-by-word (literal) translation, but I prefer to translate meaning. This means the original text and the translation won’t use exactly the same phrasing, but they have the same message


  • BA (Languages), BA (Hons) Language
  • English at Honours level (incomplete MA)
  • Afrikaans at second-year level (busy with Afrikaans 3 through Unisa)


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